Dracula Man

ドラキュラマン, Fangs the Vampire
Dracula Man is one of Babas ghostly fighters. He is a vampire Muay Thai kickboxer and performs an annoyingly long Wai khru ram muay dance before his match. He first fights Kuririn and manages to suck his blood. Kuririn breaks free but loses by ring out. Dracula Man then fights Puar and Upa. They dont seem to stand a chance until Upa eats a bunch of garlic amp starts breathing on Dracula Man. He fights back by trying to bite Puar. Puar turns into a porcupine seconds before and Dracula Man gets a mouth full of needles. Upa then gets into a stance that resembles a cross. This freaks Dracula Man out so he turns into a bat and tries to escape. Puar quickly turns into a giant hand a slaps Dracula Man out of the ring. Dracula Man appears to make a brief appearance in the anime of DBZ during the Android Saga as a member of the biker gang that chases the Androids while theyre riding around in their van.