Ken Hidaka

飛鷹健, Siberian

Name: Hidaka Ken Codename: Siberian Age: 19 Birthday: December 23rd Place of birth: Japan Family: Mother and father Height: 1,75 m Bloodtype: B Likes: Soccer and children Dislikes: French food, Liars Image flower: Gentian Weapon: Bugnuk "Tigerclaws" Enemy: Farfarello and Schoen Seiyuu: Tomokazu Seki A naive, hot-blooded young man with a strong sense of justice and sensitivity to the conflict between duty and emotion. Ken is not good at doubting others, which often leads to his unhappiness. He has once played as a goalkeeper at the Japanese professional soccer. However, he was disgraced by a game-fixing gambling scandal and expelled from the J-League, then someone tried to kill him. He has recently learned that it was all a case of entrapment by Kouichiro Kase, whom he had believed to be his best friend.

"It's too late to confess now."
Source: Mellow Candle