鶴仙人, Crane Sage, Master Shen, Lord Wu Zu
TsuruSennin Crane Sage is the older brother of Tao Pai Pai and master to Tenshinhan and Chaozu. In an early Harmony Gold English dub from the 1980s he is known as Lord Wu Zu. He was once comrades with MutenRoshi and studied under the same Martial Arts school. However they were defeated by the evil forces of the Piccolo Daima and their mentor and sensei Mutaitosama died after sealing the demon away. Over time bitterness and resentment began to grow in his heart and he eventually turned away from his masters old teachings and began a school where his hatred of the world began to spread among his pupils. In the 22nd Tenkaichi Budokai he entered his two star pupils Tenshinhan and Chaozu to counter MutenRoshis pupils Goku Kuririn and Yamcha.