ブヨン, The Jiggler
Buyon is the hidden blubbery monster of Muscle Tower. In the manga he was called The Jiggler. Buyon resides on the fifth floor of the tower which is only accessible by falling through the trap door on sixth level where General White resides with the imprisoned major of the nearby Jingle Village. At first Buyon posed a seemingly undefeatable threat to Goku and Android 8 as everything Goku threw at him such as a Kamehameha in the stomach or a kick in the face simply bounced back. Judging by all of the cow skeletons on the floor Buyon is a creature of insatiable appetite and will do just about anything to get some food. Through a long tiring process in which both Goku and 8 were almost devoured Goku eventually discovers Buyons weakness the cold. Knocking a small hole in the wall Buyon froze. Goku simply walked up to the frozen monster and punched him once which made him crumble apart as if he were made of dried clay. After that it was the simple matter of using the Power Pole to bash through the ceiling to confront the leader of Muscle Tower. He is an obvious parody of The Blob