General White

General White is the questionably sane often overreactive Russian commander of Muscle Tower the Red Ribbon Army039s northern fortress. The oldest of the known officers White while not a gifted strategist is observant and draws conclusions with surprising speed and is the only officer to have ever found out Goku039s primary weakness his tail. Trapped at the top of the sixlevel tower through status White spends his time either smoking a pipe taking sips from his flask yelling or bursting out in laughter for no apparent reason. While he is easily irritated and slightly impatient White is surprisingly complementary congratulating Goku when he reached the sixth floor and praising Ninja Murasaki for a job well done when he supposedly killed Goku. As Goku and Android 8 reach the sixth and final level of the tower which is his level Goku and General White fight but it is clear that Goku is much stronger. He then threatens to kill the village chief if Android 8 doesn039t comply to kill Goku and shoots the boy with a handgun. In retaliation Android 8 finally punches General White out of Muscle Tower flying into the mountains never to be seen or heard of again.