Youji Kudou

工藤耀爾, Balinese

Name: Kudou Youji Codename: Balinese Age: 21 Birthday: March 3rd Place of birth: Japan Family: Younger sister Height: 1,82 m Bloodtype: AB Likes: Picking up women, smoking and flirting Dislikes: Men Image flower: Cattleya Weapon: Wire Enemy: Schuldig and Neu Seiyuu: Shin'ichiro Miki Foppish and affected, a matchless playboy. He boasts that there's no woman who won't give in to him. He's kind to women and severe with men. He's sure to take any mission that has to do with women. He used to be a private investigator with a partner named Asuka Murase. In the past, while searching for a runaway girl, he got in too deep trying to infiltrate the prostitution organization Riot and was about to be killed. Apparently, after that, he became a member of Weiss.

"Women's enemy is mine."
Source: Mellow Candle