Xing Chen

陈星, 陈天驰 (Chen Tianchi), Xinger, Great Exorcist
Birthday:Aug 17
Age:16 (start of story).
Height: 174 cm Holder of the Heart Lamp and the sole remaining Exorcist thus the Great Exorcist of his generation. After his masters death he descended Mt. Hua to find his Protector and restore the missing spiritual qi of Heavens and Earth. Chen Xing is described as having pure beautiful rosy lips an a high nose bridge. Chen Xing is a rather curious trusting and naive teenager having only recently descended the mountain at the beginning of the novel under the protection of Iuppiter allowing him to escape misfortune. He is also a nerd liking to recite encyclopedic definitions and tell drawnout stories sometimes annoying his listeners in the conversation. Though overall optimistic he is burdened by the knowledge of his exceedingly short lifespan and is sometimes hesitant about forming deep relationships as a result not wanting to make those people even sadder by his inevitable early death.