バジル, Basilicum
Title: CEDEF Apprentice Date of Birth: July 23 Age: 15 25 in Future Arc Blood Type: O Height: 157 cm Weight: 47 kg Weapon: Metal Edge Box Weapon: Alfin Basilicum commonly known as simply quotBasilquot is Iemitsu039s young disciple and subordinate. He possesses the blue rain attribute flame and has the ability to go into Hyper Dying Will Mode when he consumes special pills made by Iemitsu. Due to being strictly trained since early childhood he is a very talented fighter. Unbeknownst to Basil in order for Iemistu to safely deliver the real halves of the Vongola rings to Japan he was sent to deliver the fake Vongola Rings to Tsuna. During this he encounters Superbia Squalo and is subsequently beat though despite being used as a decoy he remains extremely loyal to Iemitsu and helps train Tsuna in order to help the latter control the Dying Will Flame. The CEDEF later sends him into the future as support for the Vongola and his box weapon is shown to release a dolphin which he can telepathically communicate with. Basil also has a habit of speaking in an archaic manner usually replacing 039I039 039me039 and 039my039 with 039thou039 039thee039 and 039thy039 and refers to Tsuna and the guardians with the suffix 039dono039. This unusual habit sometimes interferes in his way of modern speech. He is voiced by Yuka Terasaki in the anime. Source: Wikipedia