Yusuke Takasaki

高崎 祐介
The main male lead Yuusuke is perhaps the most normal of the boys at Kanenone. He is friends with the Baka Trio but does not share their more perverted interests. Despite this the Baka Trio consider Yuusuke to be a member of their group and he usually finds himself forced or dragged along into involvement with their lessthanwholesome activities. Yuusuke is implied to be the reincarnation of the boy from the tale of illfated lovers mentioned at the start of every episode with Midori his partner. However Yuusuke appears to have no recollection of his past and initially responds to Midoris affectionate advances by either pushing her away or treating her harshly. Only after recovering his past memories does he fall in love with her. Yuusuke also finds himself liking the tomboyish Futaba Kutsuki creating a love triangle between the three main characters.