Quillsh Wammy

キルシュワイミー, Watari, W
Watari is Ls assistant providing logistics to the investigation team. Before the team is formed he is the only person who has seen L and the only one capable of contacting L directly. Like L he represents himself with an Old English W on computer screens. He is also a fatherly figure to L. On the surface he is Quillsh Wammy Kirushu Waim? a famous inventor and founder of Wammys House an orphanage for gifted children in Winchester England. Watari is well trained in espionage and marksmanship. Rem kills Watari along with L in order to protect Misa. At the end of the manga Roger Ruvie the manager of Wammy House becomes the new Watari for the third L Near. He is voiced by Kiyoshi Kobayashi in the Japanese anime and French Tickner in the English dub except for the film in which Ron Halder takes over. Wataris name was originally going to be Shadow in reference to being Ls shadow but the editor disapproved which led to the name Watari which references his role as a handler.The design team decided on Wataris design during the second chapter. Obata did not put much thought into Wataris disguise because his face did not appear but afterwards the rough drafts had Watari as an elderly man with a single strip of hair. Obata decided to keep him as an old man because older characters were more fun to draw than younger ones because of the weird angles that could be created with their wrinkles while younger characters may be designed as attractive normal or ugly. Obata likes leather coats so he had Watari wear one.Watari is Obatas third favorite human character because he likes older characters and that because Watari seemed to be hiding a lot of ability and had depth.His birthday is May 1 1933. Watari was always counted as a father and is often seen giving L snacks.