Medaka Kurokami

黒神めだか, Miss President, Little Princess, Beast Woman
Age: 1516 Blood Type: AB Mentality: Abnormal Abnormality: The End School: Hakoniwa Academy Academic Status: Former 1st year class 13. graduated Previous Affiliation: Medakas Student Council and Tsurubami Team/All Jokers Previous Position: President Affiliation: Kurokami Group and Hanoniwa Academy. Occupation: Group Head and Academy Chairwoman. Relatives: Kujira Kurokami Older HalfSister Maguro Kurokami Older HalfBrother Kajiki Kurokami Father Hato Tsurubami Mother Deceased Nashi Kurokami StepMother Five Other Unnamed StepMothers Fukurou Tsurubami Uncle Kamome Tsurubami Cousin Medaka is an incredibly beautiful and talented first year student. She became Hakoniwa Academys Student President as she managed to get 98 of the student bodys support. One of her pledges during her campaign was to set up a suggestion box which later became known as the Medaka Box along with her childhood friend Zenkichi goes out to solve any and all problems that comes through. She is very confident and isnt ashamed of any part of her body at all. She is extremely intelligent and can understand all her subjects well. She has a positive outlook on everyone and everything surrounding her. Medaka sees it as her job to enhance the national prestige. Medaka is capable of learning Abnormalities and completely mastering them to the extent that she can use them to one hundred and twenty percent of their capability becoming more skilled with them than even their original owners. This ability allows her to learn any skill quickly from simple skills like baseball to the impossible feats performed by the members of the Thirteen Part. However The End does have its limits Medaka cannot learn skills that exceed her physical limits and she is unable to stop herself from learning an Abnormality when she experiences it. She is also unable to learn styles Source: Medaka Box Wiki