Zenkichi Hitoyoshi

人吉善吉, Heat, Medaka's Guard Dog, Club Typhoon
Academic Status: Previous is 1st year Class 1. Actually is 2st year Class 1. School: Hakoniwa Academy. Previously is Hakobune Middle School. Age: 1516 Blood Type: AB Mentality: Zero. Previous is Normal. Affiliation: Zenkichis Student Council. Previous is Medakas Student Council and True Flask Plan Position: President. Previous is General Affairs Manager The male protagonist childhood friend of Medaka and the Student Council General Affairs Manager reluctantly joining for the sake of protecting Medaka in the pilot chapter Medaka assigns him to become the Vice President. Zenkichi always shows enthusiasm toward Medakas cause for helping others and will punish anyone who opposes that cause. It is later revealed that he is the one who reformed Medaka into her current personality. It is implied he has feelings for her. Little is known about Zenkichis past except that he has been with Medaka since they were two years old. The relationship between Shiranui and Zenkichi is frequently commented on by their classmates often negatively on how they interact with each other. Shiranui has commented that she is only friends with him when she is in the mood. Ironically Shiranuis grandfather notes that Zenkichi is probably the only person who can get along with Shiranui. Zenkichi eventually reveals his feelings directly to Medaka before sacrificing himself to destroy Kumagawa. Source: Medaka Box Wiki