Kullweet Envatilia

キュリート・エンヴァティリア, Kuea
Kuea is a rather young busty woman with a tan that seems to always love eating within any circumstances. It seems that Kuea has a greatly carefree attitude and also seems to be rather caring to other Edel Raids. Kuea is first shown in episode 1 along with both Rowen and Cisqua in their attempt to retrieve one of seven Shichikouhouju a girl by the name of Ren. Kuea like Ren is also an Edel Raid as shown when she regularly merges with Rowen. While in their transformed state a great boost of speed will be present along with a good amount of additional attack power. However if Kuea isn039t fed to the extent that she wishes she won039t be able to perform well at all before merging. It seems however that Kuea and Rowen don039t seem to have any true relationship other than just supposedly being friends. Kuea also doesn039t seem to care much about the fact that she works for Arc Aile which is shown through the fact that she never wears their official uniform. Kuea overall doesn039t seem to do anything outside of being with Rowen and Cisqua but she does seem to have some caring feelings for Ren because they are Edel Raids.