Tatsuki Kuroi

黒井 達樹, Tatsukichi, Machida Black
Tatsuki known as Tatsukichi to Ran is a wild and kind student at Machida West High School and he calls himself the parapara king of Machida also known as Machida Black since the kuro in his last name means black. In the manga he is also called Blackwell the literal translation of his surname. He is often nicknamed Monkey Boy since his personality is very similar to that of a monkey. He becomes Rans boyfriend although she studiously avoids anything remotely approaching intimacy. Because of this at times Tatsuki feels that he should not be Rans boyfriend and often feels that Ran does show it that shes his girlfriend. He likes to use English words and phrases in his conversations. Sometimes he says a phrase in English then he will say then same phrase in Japanese or he will say a phrase that the first part is in Japanese and then the second part in English and then he will say the same phrase again but switch what is in Japanese and what is in English example: Black nichiybi Black Sunday and then Kuroi Sunday. He also likes to call Yuya brother in English.