Mr. Iron
While little is known about Gauron at the present he is Sousukersquos strongest and most formidable enemy throughout the TV series. Hersquos a terrorist of the highest caliber sponsored by a mysterious organization but little is known about Gauronrsquos benefactors other than the fact that they appear to be more formidable and possess greater resources than even the notorious Soviet KGB. Believed to be Japanese or at least of Asian ethnicity Gauron and Sousuke have a long and bloodstained history together. He was once a captain in MITHRIL although he left before all the major characters entered. Sousuke left a big scar on Gauronrsquos forehead when he and then Soviet Spetsnaz commander Major Kalinin ambushed Gauron in a sniper attack back in Sousukersquos Afghan guerrilla days. This is but one of many battle scars Sousuke inflicts upon this vicious man slayer over the course of the series. Source: Wikipedia