バルムンク, Balmung of the Azure Sky
He is the Knight of the Azure Sky as per his titles given by the web poet W.B. Yates aka Hokuto quotSouten no Balmungquot Balmung of the Azure Sky/Heaven and quotFianna no matsueiquot Descendant of Fianna. One of the more powerful denizens of The World who has been playing long before anyone else listed here and was one of the original .hackers. In .hack//UdeDen he was made a System Admin by CC Corp and he organizes very weird events for the players. He decided to do this after the events of the final episode of .hack//SIGN UNISON. His class is Blademaster quotsubclassquot System Administrator and uses an angelicknight avatar. In the 2nd book he is fired as an administrator. He takes on more work than he can handle often shoving it all to his assistant Reki and falling asleep in front of his computer putting his character in a napping position.