Ginga Hagane

鋼 銀河
Gingka is the new hero of Beyblade Metal Fusion. He appears to be generally laid back he is often seen sleeping and he generally does whatever he feels like doing unless something happens to his friends or his beyblade or that he has to fight in a beybattle. He would surely do anything to save his blade if it were to be somehow damaged : he even jumped down a building just to catch his Storm Pegasus 105RF to keep it from hitting the ground. What is certain though is that this Japanese boy is not afraid to fight 100 beyblades But he believes in his friends Pegasus power so he is victorious. During his battle against Ryuga Gingka thinks about his father Ryo especially the day he died as a consequence to his own battle against the LDrago owner in Koma village. His fathers strength back then encouraged him to beat his most fearful opponent. Needless to say Ryo influenced his son in several ways for instance appearancewise and personalitywise. Gingka was extremely sad when his father passed away. Ever since that day he bears an immense hate towards Ryuga in his heart. In the anime Gingkas charisma is made very obvious: he is extremely happy whenever somebody suggests to beybattle against him even if they are enemies. After too many battles and little time to take a break Gingkas body might be subject to a breakdown however he is ready to come back into the game as soon as he is fully conscious. Although he is a brave beyblader most of the time Gingka is still afraid of injections needles. When he was sick and lying in a bed at the BPit he dove under the covers and kept saying he did not need anything while trembling. The first time he encounters Ryuga after the incident between him and his father he rapidly transforms into an insane blader who has forgotten all about his principles: instead of beyblading for fun he has a deep and deranged hatred towards Ryuga and he would easily lash out at anybody who dared come in his way to avenge his father. He had only one idea in mind: make the Lightning LDrago owner pay dearly. For all his childhood Gingka had a close friend: Hyoma. Both grew up in the same village and they spent all their time beyblading. At the end of the first season Gingka had lost his Storm Pegasus after his match with Ryuga. During the battle he had sincerely wanted to help Ryuga his eternal enemy because he knew that the LDrago just possessed him and that he was not in control at all. Since his beyblade was too damaged anyway it disappeared into the sky. Gingka had to go find another one Galaxy Pegasus which was stuck in a block of rock inside a hidden cave. He had a lot of trouble controlling its overwhelming power at first and it really irked him: he did not feel the thrill of the beybattles he just won them without really acting. Eventually he was able to master Galaxy Pegasus after forming a new bond with it. Source: Wikipedia