A 13-year-old orphaned girl who accidentally becomes involved with the Taiten-Gyoudou. Though she’s small and rather weak, she always tried to help her impoverished village. She did this for a while by impersonating a Taiten-Gyoudou warrior and doing meager tasks such as playing pranks on corrupt government officials or helping lost children find their way home. She meets Taisou when she “rescues” him from some bandits (though he wasn’t really in danger). He reveals her identity later on and gets her arrested, but then saves her and her village as well. Afterwards, Taisou literally drags her along with him against her will. In the later chapters, she volunteers to join the Taiten-Gyoudou as an apprentice. Suiren feels strongly about justice and is disgusted with China’s government. She becomes frustrated when she cannot do anything but watch evil things occur. In the manga, her reactions to Taisou’s and the Taiten-Gyoudou members’ antics provide comic relief. She also gets along well with Taisou’s “Master”. In chapter 24, the “Earth Beast” star chooses Suiren as its new host.