Zhu Li

离朱, Spring God, 春神, Jiu Fang Ye Li, 九方夜漓
The spring god who was killed by the Great Emperor before being reincarnated as a human. A remnant of his soul comforted Cang Yan to not be scared that no matter how difficult or long he will definitely return to his side. Called Jui Fang Ye Li by others who he is training Ye Li is brave as he fights against a demon invasion and puts the safety of the people and then the world at large first. Stating he will take a gamble Ye Li confronts the demon lord himself with the reasoning that unless he tries how can it be known whether he will defeat him or not. Ye Li has killed lots of ferocious beasts before where some died after one hit so he will hit this one a few more times. Acknowledging the demon lord is a tough opponent Xiao intends to test his limits and stop him from destroying them. Questioning Yan on his actions Xiao shares he is a priest and trained in sword techniques and others note he is strong but with only two hundred years of cultivation in him. With his sword breaking Ye Li prepares to pass his mantle of leadership to Yun Hua then resorts to his soul sword with the intent to continue resisting.