The final and largest member of the Groggy Monsters, Big Pan (ビッグパン, Biggu Pan) is a wotan, a half-Fishman, half-Giant. His half-fish species is Mudfish, and his skin is extremely slippery, making him resistant to physical attacks though he is less resistant to swords as Pickles accidently slashes him with his swords causing him to bleed. During the Groggy Ring, where he acted as his team's ball, he was defeated by Sanji's Anti-Manner Kick Course, followed by Zoro smashing him into the goal ring. He continues participating in anime filler, however. In Pirate Dodgeball, he throws the ball so hard that it takes out not only Usopp but the entirety of his own team barring himself, Hamburg, and Foxy. In Red Light-Green Light, he is taken out early when he and Pickles were knocked into the sea by getting hit by boulders kicked at them by Sanji. Like the other Groggy Monsters who are named after culinary names, Big Pan is named after the pan, a basic instrument used in the kitchen which is also his main weapon during the Groggy Ring. First Appearance: Chapter 309; Source: