Eve Metherlence


Eve is the Queen of Eden Garden, and has her knights around her. Unfortunately for her, when she's on her chair, her power is being overly-used for the sake of more Sting Raids. Her power is decreasing at a fast speed and she calls out to Ren telepathically for help. She's dying, and isn't happy about it. So supposedly, draining the life-energy and power out of her will kill her.

Eve has ice blue hair and dull blue eyes to match. Her skin is also very pale, possibly from the continuous abuse of her strength by the Chaos Choir. She wears a one-strap stress that starts from around her neck down do just before her chest and covers the rest of her from there. It's a nice white and blue dress that flows all the way down to cover her toes.

Eve's powers as the queen of Eden Garden is never really shown. It's mainly used by the Chaos Choir, however, to create more fake raids from the crystals that make up the walls and floor, even ceiling, of the room she's stationed in - her throne room. Of course, later on, Eve uses her powers to revive Coud after he had been defeated by Jiruteir.