Barou Escarotte

  • Gender: Male * Ability: Turn past visions into reality He used this power in conjunction with his Sacred Treasures to create endless attacks. Largely concerned with achieving his goals, throwing aside anything that gets in the way of said objective. Notably, he cannot use any Sacred Treasures other than Kurogane, Masshu, and Galiper with his power, as all the other Sacred Treasures are attached to the body,and using his power with them would recreate his past selves, and defeating one of his past selves would defeat him. He has a very sad past because he accidentally used Kurogane on his adoptive mother when he mistakes her as a burglar breaking into their home. She fell into a coma for several years and wakes up terrified when he actually does use his Kurogane on several burglars. At that point, he ran out of their house thinking that he is a monster and joined Robert along with the rest of the team. He is a talented artist.