Fei Zhang

張飛, Yi De

Zhang Fei, sworn brother of Liu Bei and Guan Yu was a military general of Shu Han during the Three Kingdoms era of China. Zhang Fei was shown to have been a masterful general rather than simply a warrior.He participated in many battles, always of on the side of his sworn brother Liu Bei.In the battle of Chang Ban, he stood on Changban bridge all by himself and forced 10.000 of Cao Cao's troops to withdraw,, ensuring Liu Bei's escape. He treated his superiors with respect, but had little respect for his underlings. He was often warned by Liu Bei that his habit of over-punishing his own soldiers by lashing and killing would eventually bring himself disaster. Zhang Fei married Xiahou Yuan's daughter, who was captured by Zhang Fei's troops as she was out gathering firewood. They had a total of two daughters, and the older daughter became the empress of Shu Han after marrying Liu Shan, with Zhuge Liang as the matchmaker. After Zhang Fei's eldest daughter had died due to natural causes, Zhuge Liang once again played the role of matchmaker, and Liu Shan married Zhang Fei's younger daughter, who thus succeeded her older sister to become the empress of Shu Han. Zhang Fei was killed by his own men Zhang Da and Fan Jiang, while preparing his troops to attack the rival Eastern Wu to avenge the death of Guan Yu. Zhang Da and Fan Jiang went on to defect to Wu.