Kirika Yumura

夕叢霧香, Noir, Nowaru
Her past clouded in obscurity due to amnesia Kirika awakened with no recollection as to who she was or where she came from. Kirika assumes the identity found upon the Student I.D. bearing her picture as it was but one of a few strange trinkets she found upon awakening in Japan. Kirika sends an evocative Email to the renowned assassin Mireille Bouquet in Paris inviting her to make a quotpilgrimage to the pastquot with her. Intrigued by the haunting invitation Mireille arrives in Japan and confronts the unassuming girl about her message as well as the mysterious melody that it was playing. Confused by her lack of emotions as well as her memories Kirika asks Mireille to help her unlock the secrets to her veiled past. Mireille agrees to Kirika039s proposition on the stipulation that once Kirika uncovers the secrets to her past Mireille may kill her at the end of their pilgrimage. Agreeing to Mireille039s terms the duo departs Japan for Mireille039s home in Paris. Kirika and her new companion adopt the title of quotNoirquot a name famous in the underworld of Europe whose dark legacy spans back centuries without knowing of the mantle039s true origins. Kirika039s weapon of choice is an Italianbuilt Beretta M1934 chambered in 9mm. What the gun lacks in magazine capacity and firepower Kirika more than compensates for with her superior shooting skills. Given that most of Noir039s battles occur at short range the M1934 is an ideal gun for the petite girl to make full use of. Source: