Mireille Bouquet

ミレイユ・ブーケ, Korushika no Musume (Daughter of Corsica), Noir
An assassin with a painful past Mireille is very good at hiding her emotions. Based in Paris France her operations have her traveling all over the world even to the humble island country of Taiwan. She was born in Corsica France the island where Napoleon Bonaparte was born. A topnotch assassin she still has some problems handling some tough superior assassins. Intelligent analytical and seemingly cold without feelings there039s perhaps a fire burning with her that she never admits or denies. Her signature outfit is a dark red almost burgendy sleeveless blouse a thin black belt with a silver buckle and a short black skirt. People who have seen her in her quotwork uniformquot are usually dead. She and her partner Kirika are best known as quotNoirquot.