バン・バスカーク, Van Buskirk

Buskirk is an old friend of Gary and Kim. At the beginning of the story, he had recently acquisitioned a junky spacecraft named the Nashibukami and had arrived at planet Mqueie to transport Kim to Earth. That all changed when the Boskone arrived. Carrying Kim onto the Brittania, he got the ship out of the area while Gary distracted the Boskone. He also found a cache of weapons aboard the ship, including an axe which he quickly became fond of. Having been thrown into a life-threatening situation he never planned to be in in the first place, Buskirk sometimes prays, promising that if ever lives through it, he'd never drink, gamble, or enjoy other vices. Despite all he goes through, he retains quite a sense of humor, and he'll usually greet you with a smile, a laugh, and probably a friendly headbutt. He doesn't mean to hurt you with it, but since he's so strong and stocky, one usually ends up rubbing his or her head anyway.