エー, Yondaime Raikage,Fourth Raikage,Ē

The current Raikage is the older brother of the Jinchūriki of the Eight-Tailed Beast, Killer Bee. It is hinted that Killer Bee, and therefore the Raikage as well, comes from the Yotsuki clan. Knowing Yugito Nii's and Killer Bee's immense powers if they were to ever transform into their full power forms, he forbade them from doing so. After learning that Killer Bee is captured by Akatsuki, the Raikage demands a meeting of the five Kage and resolves to eliminate Sasuke, Killer Bee's captor. He is very caring and protective towards his brother, despite Killer Bee's status as a Jinchūriki, and cried at the idea of his younger brother being captured by Akatsuki. He is very physically strong, as he appears lifting a large amount of weight with just one hand and broke his desk with a single punch. Killer Bee also mentioned in the fight with Sasuke that before him, only the Raikage was able to deflect the Eight-Tails. (Source: Narutopedia)