Toji Gion

One of the senior disciples who appears to be Yoshioka Seijūrō’s right-hand man or at least, follows him around. Arrogant. Vowed to hunt down Musashi as a self-proclaimed assassin for the Yoshioka school. Considered to have a refined bloodthirst by Agon of Hōzōin. Visits the Hōzōin temple and cuts off the arms of one of the priests. After witnessing the battle between Musashi and Inshun, he leaves momentarily realizing his own weakness.

Later shows up to challenge Yagyū Sekishūsai Muneyoshi, thinking to end his life fighting a great swordsman. From here on , his exact whereabouts are unknown. Until he reappears suddenly in Kyoto, one year since his take of leave, and attempts to take Miyamoto Musashi's life in a street fight, only to have his throat slashed open.