The Kin Army Assistant Instructor of Martial Arts. He fights with spears and is known as a "beast." His nickname means "Leopard Child." He doesn't get along with Taisou and they often argue, even in the middle of battles. He also seems to have a weakness for cute things, such as Taisou's master. His loyalty to Oushin stems from when he was taken in as a child. He was sold into slavery when he was very young but ended up killing his owner. He was then found by a group of wild bandits, who took him in to raise him as a "beast". His "father" then betrayed and left Rinchuu as bait for Oushin's army. Oushin took him into custody, where he ended up taking Rinchuu to his house. Rinchuu, true to his beast-like nature, attacked him from behind; slicing his forehead. Oushin claimed that this era is to blame for children like Rinchuu and the wound was simply his punishment for letting it happen. Rinchuu couldn't understand why he was being taken care of since he had already betrayed Oushin by attacking him. He believed that people always betray each other. Oushin created a bigger wound over Rinchuu's, covering up the betrayal. He then tied up Rinchuu's hair, turning the "beast" into a "human."