Musse was the daughter of Calgara on the island of Jaya 400 years ago. She was a beautiful and intelligent Shandian. After their dying priest had a 'vision', he declared the only way to stop the "curse" that was plaguing their land was to sacrifice their most beautiful woman. Musse went willing to the altar to save all her people. Just before their God devoured her, Montblanc Norland appeared and killed the giant snake who tried to convince the Shandians that this plague was curable and not a curse from the gods. During the time Norland spent trying to find the cure, both her and his men were locked up in cages, she spoke to the men on who their captain was. After a struggle against time, Norland brought the cure back and the Shandians were saved. Musse now free and knowing the truth, was seen later sobbing in her mothers arms over the events that had happened. However, her tribe found that their forest which they found sacred has been chopped down by Norland and his men, and they were once again ostracized by the tribe. She later explained to one of Norland's crew as to why the Shandians are treating him this way, and after she learned they cleared the forest because it originated the plague in the village, she quickly rushed to tell the villagers, and they rang the golden bell as hard as they could to inform Norland of their regret, and her father Calgara rushed towards Norland before he and his men set sail to ask for his forgiveness. Three years later, she is married to Seto. Source: