Donald Oberman

Mr. Don

Jersey: 69 Power: SS Speed: A Technique: A Odds of winning MVP title: 3.3 to 1 Mr. Don is the son of the current President of the United States, Arnold Oberman, and a Lineman of the USA National team ( he is offensive and defensive). He has been described to be a lineman without match, and he also likes to drink and hang around scantily clad and beautiful women. He believes in skill through hard work, as well as skill through natural talent, but also that those with natural talent that work hard are those can get to the top. For this reason, he looks down on Japanese American Footballers (and indeed any non-American footballers) to be inferior. It is his belief that the Youth World Cup is simply a yearly reminder to the rest of the world that America is untouchable in American football. He is so strong as to stop a rush of normal people with just two fingers. He also knows various languages and expresses that he has trouble with telling the difference between the Asian languages.