Satoko Sugiyama


Name: Satoko Sugiyama Birthday: June 11th Star sign: Gemini Blood type: AB Height: 167cm (5'6") Weight: 50kg (110bs) Hobby: improving her appearance What she wants the most: a soul-mate OR authority (most likely a reference to another Morinaga work, Koi no Susume) (taken from the character profiles in vol.05) Sugi-san is the sexy, mature girl in the group of friends Mari joins. She juggles boyfriends, gives relationship advice, and seems vaguely above it all and ia somewhat detached - except when it comes to Tamamin (Sekine Tamami). The two of them kiss - allegedly for fun - all the time, yet she seems to think that girl-girl relationships are impossible. Despite being a carefree hedonist, Sugi is the only person to notice what is going on between Akko and Mari, and it raises her concern as a friend. In fact, she realises that Akko is in love with Mari even before Akko has a clue about it herself. She is concerned by this because she sees her two friends clearly wanting one another but not knowing how to express that, thus making them unhappy. Being astute to people's emotions, she tries to support her friends without revealing anything to them, knowing that it's best they work it out and figure things out for themselves.