Minami Ikoma

井駒 みなみ, Charagi,Bird Nest,Birdie,Chlorine

Age: 15 Birthday: 20 Febuary Class: 3-C (Middle School) Bloodtype: B Height: 151cm Weight: 41kg BWH: 78-56-80 Minami is a middle school girl that does not quite seem to fit in with the rest of the class. She is often alone and lost in her own thoughts. Minami loves swimming and she is in the school's Swimming Club. However, even in her final year of junior high, she was only able to get picked as the third sub in the Swimming Team. When she thought about giving up the sport and moving on like what her friends are doing, Minami was startled to see tears coming out of her eyes. After school at night time, she comes across Keima in the school's pool, who swam with a surprisingly beautiful yet perfect style (which later turned out to be a ruse by Keima using Elsie's feather cloth). Minami instantly became captivated by him, describing Keima as "shining in the night sky". (Source : Wikipedia)