Seiyuu: Naoki Tatsuta Tonjit (トンジット) is of the nomads that live on Longring Longland, he was trapped on a pair of very tall stilts for ten years, causing him to be separated from the rest of the nomads. After the Straw Hat Pirates got him down, he lamented that he couldn't get to the rest of the nomads because of the high tides, but was nonetheless reunited with his long horse, or hooorse, Shelly. Shelly however was later captured by Foxy, which prompted the Davy Back Fight. After Luffy finally beat Foxy, Aokiji appeared and used his Devil Fruit powers to freeze all of the water on the island for a week, allowing Tonjit to ride his horse Shelly across the water in order to meet up with his clan. In the anime, instead of Aokiji, Tonjit's grandson appeared from the ground, riding a mule which gave Tonjit transport. Tonjit's clothing, nomadic lifestyle, his horse, and his dwelling in a yurt seems to be based on the lifestyles of the nomadic peoples of Central Asia (specifically Mongolia.) Source: