Marie is a nurse on the Sabaody Archipelago. She was helping transport a wounded man to a nearby hospital, when they encountered Saint Charloss, a Tenryuubito. Saint Charloss then refuses to let Marie pass with the wounded man ,and then kicks the heavily wounded man to the ground, saying he will help him to die. While Marie was kneeling, shocked, Charloss looked at her and forced her to go away with him to become his thirteenth wife against her will. When her fiancé, who was helping to transport the wounded man, got up and pleaded with Charloss not to take Marie away, he just shot him for "daring to stand in his presence." She was taken away by force, as no one would or could help her before they left. She was set free along with the other slaves of Charolss's family after Luffy's attack on the Tenryuubito. Source: