Fena Houtman

フェナ ・ハウトマン, White Marginal Fena La Pucelle Frederick
Fena the protagonist is a princess who has escaped from ShangriLa and the British Empire. She recruits a group of samurai and ninjas known as the Seven Samurai to help her on her journey and becomes their captain. She is known for her pale skin and platinum hair hence her nickname White Marginal. She has a cheerful and optimistic personality despite her traumatic past. She will later show her courage and leadership by recruiting Yukimaru and his group of samurai ninjas to join and help Fena in her quest. She is kind and caring and often worries about the safety of others. Fena can have a wry but shy personality as well as seriousness grit and compassion for her friends and comrades during their journey. Her impetuous nature often leads her to act irrationally and regret it later. She is very persistent. She brightens the lives of all those around her as they grow closer. Naturally clumsy and less graceful than her shipmates she tries to be a useful member of the crew. She tries to learn at least one weapon to be useful. She can become unusually quiet when she remembers something from her past which worries the others.