Lilith Sahl

Crusnik 04

Lilith was the prototype for Cain, Abel, and Seth and the fourth of the test tube babies created for the Mars Colonization Project by United Nations Scientists. She was in charge of the Health Care area and usually acted as the voice of reason during the conflicts between the Nightroad siblings. During the war, Lilith sided with humanity and the Vatican to save them from the Methuselah, while the three Nightroad siblings joined the Methuselah. Lilith began to convince Abel that his hatred for humans could be wrong. For this, toward the end of the war, Cain tricked her into meeting him for peace and he murdered her. Abel took her body to the Vatican where it lies encased in glass in an underground tomb in Rome. Abel remained in her tomb for 900 years to mourn her death, before rescuing a young Caterina from vampires, leading him to protect the humans as Lilith had. In the anime series, Lilith's Crusnik nanomachines are used to revive Abel from a death-like state. In the novels, Cain absorbs Crusnik O4's nanomachines.