Kaito Kiriya

霧谷 魁斗
A quiet and shy student who receives a message from an elven woman from End Earth. When he tells his friends the group dismisses the message as they believe it to only be a dream. Kiriya is a skilled swordsman ranging from kendo to fencing. It is said that no one could beat him if he was to fight seriously. The cherry blossom of their college transports him and Seena to End Earth right after Souma and Kureha taking the entire building as well. He becomes the knight for an independent mercenary group called the 039Luminous Knights039 which is started by Seena. Like Souma Kiriya is also a Soul Blader who uses Seena039s quotheartquot as a sword. Kiriya is completely oblivious to Kureha039s and Seena039s feelings for him the latter being one of his childhood friends. He later forms a close bond with an elf named Xecty who is later revealed to be an artificial recreation of the Elven Queen. Until Xecty039s death he was confident in his mission to have Saionji admit defeat. Since the start of the war his attitude shifted from his shy and quiet self to a rash and emotional state who sees that fighting is the only way to win the complete opposite to Souma039s change of behavior. He is later revealed to hold Souma039s Holy Grail Souma039s Ultimate Soul Blade Kykyoku Shinken?. The one who holds his Holy Grail is Xecty. In the end he chooses to return to his own world together with Kureha and Seena. source: Wikipedia