Kiriu Touya

居合番長, Iai Banchou

The Chiyoda District Bancho also known as the Iai Bancho, he is what some would call a bishounen and he is seems very cultured and calm. He is defeated by Akira and since it was taped Akira has taken Touya's place as the district's banchou. He later returned with a group of other banchos (all of who were defeated by Akira) to assist Akira against the Five Dark Vows, his reason is that all those in the world are just talk where as Akira could back up his. During which he and the others were enrolled in Akira's class, here he shows that he can't take girls dressing in short skirts (his school required girls to wear pants) he is also very pure-hearted and follows a samurai code of honor. This is also his biggest weakness since he can't take scantily clad women, seeing this causes him to have large nosebleeds. Touya fully believes that Akira has what it takes to be the winner of the District Project and is willing to die to help Akira succeed.