Shuka appears as a tiny girl with her hair the color of flames, but she is really one of the four holy guardians of the south. She uses fire and is often represented as a bird. Shuka came down to Earth to see human life, and while visiting demons came and ate one of her wings. Now with one wing, she is accidentally causing house fires around the neighborhood. If Shuka doesn't get her other wing back on the last day of the year she cannot purify it to let the new year shine. If she doesn't, she can not be a guardian anymore and she can not return to the southern sky. She takes quite a big interest into Momoka, and Momoka sees her as a little sister. At the end of Shuka's appearance, Momoka and Ryuga get her wing back and she is able to purify the ending year to return to the southern sky. Shuka has caught on with Momoka's liking of Ryuga and tells her that she needs to remember he will always watch out for her. She leaves and promises to watch over them.