Oboro Iga

朧, Lavender Princess
Names: Oboro Iga HimeMurasaki Lavender Princess Age: Unknown though presumably late teens/early twenties Hair Color: Black in the anime/Dark purple in the manga Eye Color: Violet Love Interest: Gennosuke Kouga Ninja Abilites: Mystic Eyes Oboro is selected as one of the ten Iga clan members that will oppose and fight the Kouga. She gains leadership of the clan after her Grandmother Ogen dies. Soon to be replaced by Tenzen who considered her incapable of leadership because of her passive demeanor. If permitted to marry before the peace treaty was lifted Oboro knows she could have saved many lives both Iga and Kouga. But since she couldn039t she is forced to be an enemy of her childhood love Gennosuke. Oboro is a very peaceful and gentle girl her reluctence to kill her enemies shows this. She is also selfless and trusting. Some members of her family take advantage of these traits and trick her on occasions none the less she still remains loyal and obediant to them. Since she is the Princess her family refer to her with respectful terms such as quotOborosamaquot but many of them are wary of her and view her as the odd one of the clan. She is not exceptional in any ninja combat but does have an eye technique which can strip any ninja of their powers. This eye technique can develop if she has enough hatred in her and result in mutilating the enemy instead. This was the hidden ability of her eyetechnique that very few were aware of including Oboro herself. She makes the decision to temporarily seal her eyes shut with a potion given to her by Ogen long ago called the quotSeven Days of Darknessquot knowing that if she saw any of her clansmen attacking Gennosuke she might be tempted to use her powers against them instead. As the war between the clans waged on Oboro was forced to make difficult choices and overcome the pain of losing the ones she loved. Though she rarely shows it it has had a huge emotional impact on her and causes her to mature and come to many realisations throughout the series. Despite her obvious love and devotion for Gennosuke Oboro has gained the interest of other ninjas too. Tenzen lusts after Oboro and desires to take her for his wife in order to become the true lord of Tsubagakure. Even if he has to rape her to do it which he attempts at least twice over the course of the series. Koshirou is completely devoted to Oboro and holds romantic feelings for her however as Tenzen039s apprentice he039s obligated to follow his sensei039s orders regardless of how he personally feels. Gennosuke however remains Oboro039s only love interest. Oboro is described in the original novel as having quotA face that shone as beautifully as the sunquot and quotDeep almosthypnotic crystal eyes of intensityquot. Despite being passive Oboro can be very determined when it comes to the safety of other people and cares deeply for her clan. She often goes to visit the graves of her relatives as they die to pray for them to proceed into the after life but since the graves are so distant from each other this is a tiring progress however Oboro insists she must as it039s quotShowing them the respect they deservequot and has repeated this process for years since the death of her nurse who was a mother figure to her until she died.