Yuriko Aoki

青木優梨子, Aoki Ko,Yuri-tan

Age: 20 (debut), 28 (end)
Birthday: March 11, 1990
Pen name: Ko Aoki (蒼樹 紅 Aoki Kō)

Aoki is a manga creator who used to work for a shoujo magazine called Margaret Magazine​ until she was advised to switch over to a shounen magazine. Over at Shounen Jump, she worked with Nakai on her series Hideout Door. She usually bears a tough exterior and can come off as having a cold personality. Aoki attended To-Oh University with Iwase, the same fictional and prestigious university that L and Light from Death Note attend together.

She currently works alone, both writing and drawing her stories without the help of a more talented artist, aside from her assistants.

Hiramaru courts Aoki for a while, but the relationship becomes canon when he finally proposes to Aoki while on an amusement park's ferris wheel and she accepts.