Kimihiro Watanuki

Birthday:Apr 1
Watanuki a name meaning April 1 in kanji is known for having both a volatile and caring personality. Depending upon the person he talks to his emotions tend to be overly exaggerated. He lives alone because his parents died when he was young but harder than these conditions is the fact that his everyday life is plagued with strange spirits that only he can see and they are drawn to him. Apparently this was inherited it is noted that his blood smells good to spirits. One average day while Watanuki is being chased by a legion of spirits he comes across a strange house which the spirits are repelled by. He feels compelled to enter and there meets Yuuko who claims that it is a store which grants wishes in exchange for a price. Watanuki asks for the spirits to stop chasing him and Yuuko agrees to granting it but only if Watanuki works as a helper in the shop until he accumulates enough time for her to make his wish come true. This is the beginning of Watanukis part time job. As time goes by Watanuki meets many different people who help him to develop and change his opinions on the world and also to understand the world from Yuukos perspective which also helps him to mature. Source: xxxHOLiC Wikia edited