Shina Nagasawa

A schoolgirl and Shou's best friend who is forced to prostitution because her father has been left bankrupt through aggressive financial strategies used by the banks. As she had begun to be degraded by a perverted old minister, Akumetsu comes into the fray and kills the minister. She recognizes him and says part of his name, which one of the officials overhears. On her return to school she is surprised to see Shou alive, but is offered no explanation until the killing of Nakanoshima, when she is confronted by the official and Shou walks in on them. Shou tells them about his supposed powers and intimidates the official. The official runs, and Shina breaks down. Shou informs her that he saved her father from becoming a criminal (in a desperate need for money), lying to him that he was dating her, and handcuffing him to a streetlight in the process. Currently, Shina has remained in school, abandoning her decision to work as a prostitute. (Source: Wikipedia)