Yuki Kojima

小島 有希

Second year Yuki Kojima is the founder of the girls team after being club manager for the boy's team and being tired of sitting on the sidelines. Many of the club members think Kojima is scary because of her bluntness and often unlady-like attitude. However, she often uses her good looks and girly charm to get the boys to do things for her. She is a very skilled player, and encourages Shō and Masato to never give up on soccer. She is also very serious about soccer, even to the point of cutting her hair short in order to play in a game with the boys. When the girls team isn't going well, Shō turns that same positive encouragement around. Yuki was originally part of a soccer team at her last school, until she moved away with her family. When she arrived at Josui however, she could not continue playing soccer because she was a girl. Therefore, she became a person who sat in the sidelines and 'beat up' people who she did not think were worthy enough of playing soccer. She became infamous for this and everyone wondered who the mysterious soccer player was. She reveals her identity when she berates Masato for trying to quit the team, and plays a match against him to prove his worthiness. After the match, Shō convinces her to become a player rather than simply managing the boy's team, and thus she creates a girl's soccer team. Near the end of the manga, Yuki decided on playing soccer for a living. However, knowing that a female soccer player would not rise easily to fame in her country, she goes abroad to the US to fulfill her dream of becoming a great player.She is an amazing player on the team. Source: Wikipedia