Ringo Roadagain


Ringo Roadagain is a gunslinger at the service of Funny Valentine who traps Gyro, Johnny and Hot Pants at the beginning of the 4th Stage, near Cannon City, to seize the Saint's Corpse's parts. He is a Stand User and uses his time-rewinding Mandom during gun fights to get the upper hand.

Ringo is obsessed with bettering himself through duels. Considering himself "incomplete", he wants to reach new spiritual heights through duels, thinking that the pure killing intent he experiences to elevate his spirit. Because of this, he also has a strong personal moral code: Ringo prefers to fight on completely fair grounds and will even give pointers to his opponents regarding their weapons and position in order to perfectly level the playing field before their battle begins. Able to discern the dark will to kill in people, Ringo prefers to duel people who won't hesitate to kill on the spot so that his duels are as tense and pure as possible.

Ringo's Stand, Mandom, enables him to reverse time by exactly 6 seconds by turning a hand on his wristwatch. Although it is very limited, its ability is critical for Ringo to win his duels.

(Source: JoJo's Bizarre Encyclopedia)