Ami Mizuno

水野 亜美, Sailor Mercury, Amy
Birthday: 10 September Astrological Sign: Virgo Blood Type: A Family Members: Mother doctor Hobbies: Reading playing chess Favorite Sport: Swimming Favorite Colors: Light Blue Favorite Class: Mathematics Least Favorite Class: None Favorite Foods: Sandwiches honey Least Favorite Food: Hamachi Hopes To Go To: Greece Habit: Pondering Putting her hand to her mouth Special Skill: calculating Pet she wants to raise: A wise cat like Luna Dislikes: non Motto: Pure Honest Beautiful Favorite Stone: Sapphire A quiet bookworm in Usagis class called Amy in the English adaptations of the series. She is hugely intelligent with an IQ of 300 and can transform into Sailor Mercury acquiring power over water. Amis shy exterior masks a passion for knowledge and for taking care of the people around her. She hopes to be a doctor one day like her mother and tends to be the practical one in the group. Secretly she is also a fan of pop culture and romance novels and becomes embarrassed whenever this is pointed out. Source: Wikipedia