星宿, Seishuku Shu, 朱 星宿, Emperor Cai Pi, 彩賁帝, Saihitei
Hotohori ? the fourth Emperor of Knan Emperor Cai Pi Saihitei? has a reputation for his beauty and his narcissism. He is eighteen years old and was born in Eiyou RongYang the capital city of the Konan Empire At April 2nd. As one of the Celestial Warriors of Suzaku he is able to summon a sword as such he is a powerful swordsman and has been additionally trained in martial arts since childhood. His true name is Seishuku Shu Shu Seishuku? based on the star Star . Hotohori first hears of the Priestess of Suzaku at a young age and comes to believe that the priestess would become his true love and the one who would love him for himself instead of his title. Upon meeting Miaka he falls in love with her and becomes willing to do anything for her sake. As such he becomes a rival to Tamahome for Miaka039s affection but eventually concedes when he realizes that Miaka will only ever love Tamahome. Hotohori eventually marries a woman Houki who bears a striking resemblance to Nuriko. He is killed by Nakago during the battle between Konan and Kut leaving Houki pregnant with his son Boushin. Raised with little warmth Hotohori appears cold reserved and harsh particularly when acting as the Emperor of Konan but actually shows himself as a warm peaceloving and gentle person. Known as a responsible ruler and capable of dealing with political affairs Hotohori often places the wellbeing of his subjects first and forgets his own needs in the process. However Hotohori has limited understanding of the world as a result of being raised in a sheltered environment. After meeting Miaka and the other Celestial Warriors of Suzaku he is gradually able to act as himself and finds true friends. Source: Wikipedia