Ryoga Hibiki

響 良牙, P-Chan, Charlotte, Roland
Ryoga stands out in the crowd due to his regularly rough appearance. He spends much of his time wandering often depressed over having to spend so much of his time alone in the wilderness with the slightest rain turning him into a defenceless pig at the mercy of hungry humans or animals. His most notable characteristic is that like his parents and even his entire family he has no sense of direction whatsoever. He is unable to go the right way often sticking to the letter of any directions given to him regardless of whether the path eventually turns. He has an inability to understand even the simplest of directions or draw any legible maps once running the wrong way at the start of a threelegged race. This is not due to lack of motivation however. For instance on the way to a date he was supposed to follow the edge of a lake to reach a statue in plain sight directly in front of him. Instead Ryoga follows a brook and gets lost again. In the anime Maomolin the bakeneko possesses Ryoga and tries to lead him towards the girl he loves. However Maomolin had as much trouble navigating as Ryoga himself even though the former was doing the thinking. In real world terms he would be classified as suffering from autistic limitation or brain damage in this area. It is also possible that his lack of direction might be some form of family curse. In the anime this condition is worsened by Ryoga039s ability to traverse obscene distances in surprisingly little time on foot although how he does this is unknown. When the two problems are combined it results in Ryoga having essentially no idea where he is at any given time which allows him to miss his destinations by insane margins. In one case he attempted to reach Hokkaido and instead ended up in Hong Kong. Luckily he carries a backpack which evidently contains essentials for survival in the wild. In the manga this is not as heavily implied to be a supernatural talent at least not beyond his comical tendency to pop up at odd moments. He seems to need much longer travel times and has not explicitly been seen to swiftly and randomly traverse continents under his own power. However in his first appearance he quickly overshot Tokyo by 500 miles twice in a row apparently within the span of one or two days though no explicit reference was given. Through the aid of the Kinjakan he also quickly made it all the way from Jusenkyo to Moscow and back while out to get some dumplings in Peking. His map was also once shown to contain a forest a cafeacute a road with a red car the Tendo dojo some African tribesmen China and France. Ryoga039s family house is within sight of Mount Fuji where his dog Shirokuro Checkers in the English translation and her puppies live. However given the Hibiki family039s condition it is usually empty. Ryoga generally leads a nomadic lifestyle and only occasionally manages to find it. His dog however has no such trouble finding her way and recognises him in both human and pig forms. It has been mentioned that Ranma helped to lead Ryoga home when they went to high school together. The combination of his poor sense of direction and his curse have regularly subjected Ryoga to imminent misery constantly placing him lonely and lost in the wilderness with tight food rations or at the mercy of hungry predators. When first introduced he is a very angry and seemingly unapproachable individual. Ryoga is emotional more often than not following his heart rather than his head though he has shown capability of using strategy when he is focused or lacking distractions. He is emotionally fragile straightforward and naive. He regularly feels depressed which thus far has served as the source for his chi projection. He is generally shy humble and polite especially around women. He is often easily tricked and used by some of the more manipulative characters and turns extremely grateful loyal and selfsacrificing for any kindness offered to him. A running joke is that whenever female Ranma dons a disguise no matter how transparent Ryoga will nonetheless be fooled. Ranma has used this to his advantage to find out about any training Ryoga has been doing to tease him or to torment Ryoga during any dates with Akane to destroy the latter039s prospects. Source: Wikipedia