Toya Touya in the English anime is one of the members of the Shadow Channelers in the Dark Tournament. The team039s true name however was the Shinobi of the Spirit World. It is assumed that Jin and Toya are friends because they are rarely seen not in each other039s company. In contrast to his demon companion Toya seems serious and fairly humorless. He does however have something of an honor code and berates team leader Risho about why their cheating is wrong. He has a strong sense of team loyalty and attempts to kill Kurama after Kurama defeats Gama. Toya has the power to manipulate ice and cold and it is highly implied during the series that Toya is the strongest ice demon in the series. Toya first appears in the Dark Tournament. In the tournament his opponent is Kurama who is rendered immobile and energyless due to Gama039s Makeups of Chains and of the Seal. He unveils several ice techniques in this battle angry that Kurama killed Gama in the previous battle. Kurama defeats him by sowing the Seed of the Death Plant into his own body and impaling Touya with the plant. He did this because his Spirit Energy was trapped inside because of Gama039s Makeup of the Seal. Following the Dark Tournament Toya appears in the Saga of the Three Kings of the anime. He was recruited by Kurama to work for a Demon Lord Yomi and reaches the A+ Class turning out to be the demonstrated stongest out of all 6 in the anime series. During the tournament Toya is defeated by an SClass demon named Kuju who is the brother of another SClass demon named Natsume whom Chu fell in love with. After the Makai Tournament Jin Toya Chu and Rinku say their goodbyes to Yusuke and the group. It is unknown where they go from there.